Month: August 2011

September has never been my favourite month.

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As August draws to a close and many mums are celebrating the return of the school run and singing the praises of returning to a routine, I’m lamenting the lazy days of summer. My house has been a haven of peace and quiet since school closed in June. For two long months my beautiful daughter has jumped out of bed and danced into the kitchen with a bright smile on her face. There have been […]

Only happy when causing trouble!

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This was a line I heard very often growing up. My sister and I were reduced to tears while poring over old photos of our childhood the other day. Tears of laughter that was! Our children stood by as we dissolved into hysterical laughter at our mothers’ choice of clothes, hairstyles, shoes. Mammy Byrne gleefully informing us that someday soon our own ungrateful kids would do the same! Out came a photo of me and […]