Month: April 2012

Grass is Always Greener

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For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be petite with small feet and curly hair. A sallow complexion would be a plus but with two of the palest people in Ireland for parents that was a non runner. I didn’t get my wish. I’m almost six foot and have poker straight hair. My beautiful ten year old has straight hair much to her disgust. She’d do anything to get it to curl. […]

April is Here Again

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April is here again. Nothing special about that I suppose. April comes and April goes just like every month in the year. Certain months of the year evoke particular memories, people and special occasions and times past spring to mind with the passing of the year. It was in December that I became an aunt for the very first time. It is also in December that my husband and my youngest niece celebrate their birthdays. […]


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I always find it amazing how a simple throw away comment can trigger a memory that’s so vivid it could have happened yesterday. I had one of those moments not so long ago. I was instantly thrown back to 1997 and the stockroom in a well known department store in Dublin city centre. Many happy memories flooded back making me smile. I suddenly recalled telling my boss to hang on a second that I couldn’t […]