Month: June 2012

Stay at home mums unambitious. Says who?

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So according to Yahoo! Lifestyle Cherie Blair thinks mums who stay at home and raise their children are unambitious and that the experience will impact negatively on the kids, resulting in them being dependent ( The successful QC, mum of four and wife of former British PM Tony Blair revealed her concerns at Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women Event. The article I refer to goes on to suggest that some young women aim to marry […]

I’m not proud…………..

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Watching my two beautiful children grow and develop into independent little people is an absolutely fascinating pastime. I am forever being jolted back in time and left standing listening and looking at myself when I was their age. It can just be a phrase or a look and I am  instantly back in the 80s, roller skating down the hill in Kilcarn Court at a hundred miles an hour with no cares or worries. I […]

I hate football, really I do………..

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To say I’m not into sport is a huge understatement. While I always liked the uniform that went with the sport, it was the effort that had to be exerted, the sweat that was worked up and the fact that you could get hurt that didn’t appeal to me. My sister on the other hand was brilliant at whatever sport she turned her hand to, well almost all. She had a bit of an issue […]

To Mammy Byrne

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Life is strange and we never ever know what joys or sorrows tomorrow may bring. The 14th of June 1969 saw Mary Ryan and Brian Byrne become husband and wife. They set forth full of hope and optimism for a bright future full of joy and laughter secure in the knowledge that once they had each other they could face any difficulty that came their way. By 1974 two extremely cute little girls had arrived […]