Month: August 2012

Knickers to that!

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My sister commented recently that she wished her childhood had been as colourful  as mine. It made me think. I remember growing up wishing I was as cool and popular as my older sister. Raised in the same house by the same parents we managed to grow into two very different people each with their own depiction of exactly how certain events unfolded. I often sit and watch my two tiny terrors and marvel at […]

Is that you Mary?

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I recently got my hair cut short.  I’ve had a bob for as long as my two children can remember. One day I woke and just wanted a change. I warned the family that I was getting it all chopped off. Reactions varied from, ‘that’s grand’ to ‘what? no why!’ When I arrived home the reaction was fantastic. Everyone loved mum’s new hair. There was lots of uh’s and ah’s and as I stood there […]

The surprises a new day can bring.

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Life is full of surprises. Some good and some not so good but it is in dealing with the unexpected that we learn about ourselves and about others. This  August has been full of surprises for me and my family and we’re only nine days. My laptop has been destroyed and no longer works properly. It had a pint of beer spilled all over it, by accident of course. It could have been worse, I […]