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‘You’ll be on your way up!

You’ll be seeing great sights!

You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights.’ –DR SEUSS

September has rolled in again. For the past five years September has arrived with new beginnings for all chez moi. It heralds the beginning of a new school year for my two little ones and has until this year signalled the beginning of a new academic year for me. This year however I am not returning to learning myself and it feels a little strange.

Nevertheless, this September is just as exciting as previous ones. Lots of new beginnings and experiences are in store for those I hold dear. My eldest is going into 6th class and so will be setting down the foundations needed for heading into secondary school this time next year. While she is excited about the year ahead as is her nature she is a little apprehensive about where it is leading. I’m trying hard to remember what it was like travelling this particular road knowing it only goes one way and hoping that the journey prepares you for the destination.

My youngest is changing classrooms and teachers this year. He usually takes things in his stride but has confided a worry or two about moving on. The changes in my house seem very small when compared to the changes that are in motion for my beautiful nieces and nephews.

Sitting here in the kitchen savouring the calm that only seems to exist after the school rush, memories of my nieces and nephews are mingling with the thoughts and concerns that linger about my own two lovelies. My nephew is starting his last year in school and I’m not quite sure how or when that happened! I can still remember him arriving in Edinburgh for my wedding. He couldn’t have been more than three and was full of fun and laughter. These days he’s still the life and soul of the party but I have to go on tip toes to reach up and give him a hug! He will fly through this year with the ease and good humour he is known for. His little sister (who is almost as tall as him!) is starting second year and seems to be settled in for the year ahead. No pressure there!

Then there’s my eldest niece. For her September marks a new departure. She has started a new job this morning and I wish her nothing but the best. Sitting here wondering how her morning has gone I find myself stepping back in time and looking at a tiny little person, thinking ‘wow, she’s my niece! I’m her Aunt!. I’ve never lost that feeling of joy since. For the past twenty two years I have watched this adorable bundle of joy share so much laughter, happiness and joy. She has achieved so much in her twenty two years through hard work, focus and determination. There’s a saying that I think of when I think of my beautiful niece – ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land on the stars.’ –Les Brown.

As I sit here drinking my coffee this morning I’m thinking that she is taking this saying quite literally! I hope you soared this morning my lovely. x


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I'm living on the Leitrim border with my lovely husband and two terrific kids. It's the little piece of heaven that I dreamed of growing up. I work in Adult Education by day and during my free time I read, write, knit, plant and bake not always in that order. I blog about life, love, family and everything in between. Pull up a chair and have a browse while you're here. All the best, Karen


  1. Angela says

    Thanks Kacky …made me sit back and think how lucky am I …sometimes I forget just what we have …


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