Goodbye 2013…Hello 2014

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2014 has begun and I’m hoping that it is going to be filled with love, laughter and happiness. I can honestly say that I am delighted to see the back of 2013. It was a long and challenging year on all fronts and as it wound down I could feel it weigh heavy on my shoulders.

Between saying farewell to a fond friend emigrating to pastures new, finishing my thesis, the complexities and challenges that go hand in hand with work and the daily grind that is life as we know it, 2013 didn’t allow much time for reflection or mindfulness and it began to show during the last few weeks of the year.

So, for sanities sake, both my family’s and mine; I am going to practise the art of mindfulness and reflection again. Two very useful skills I developed while studying for my PGDACE, I found them particularly useful for making sense of situations and experiences. Of course the key is to step outside your comfort zone and challenge your own assumptions and perceptions. Great learning is gleaned allowing for change and growth. I am looking forward to change and growth in 2014.

Over the past week I have been contemplating how I would mark the transition from the old to the new. Then I came across ‘The Secret of Change’ by Jane Gilheaney Barry who blogs at  That Curious Love of Green Lifestyle Blog Jane spoke about choosing a word (or words) that inform your year ahead. The article resonated with me and I began to search about for a word. It had to be just the right word. It needed to sound and feel just so. After much deliberation I decided that one word could not encapsulate exactly what I needed this word to and so I picked two Irish words.

Éalaitheach (survivor) and maiteach (forgiving) are my words for 2014. I believe these words chose me and feel that they will inform my year ahead in a positive way. So what other resolutions have I made for the year ahead? Not many to be honest. I was never very good at sticking with resolutions but there are a number of things that I am going to get stuck into.

Since finishing my thesis I have begun to read for fun again. Over the last few months I have devoured books, savouring the words and the images that these words convey. I love to read. For me, it is escapism of the highest order. However, I am ready to get back into reading for a purpose and have found myself sourcing books related to equality, diversity and education.

Not only am I ready to read purposefully, I am itching to write again. I have missed writing about social issues and have lots of ideas floating about in my head. I just need to make time to gather my thoughts and ideas coherently.

There are one or two other projects set in motion which I’m hoping will affect real change for 2014. I’ll let you know how they work out if and when they come to fruition. For now, I wish you a very happy and peaceful new year filled with the sound of laughter and a happiness that comes from within. I wish you love and luck in everything you do.

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