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#100happydays. I spotted this challenge on my cousins Facebook page and was intrigued. Can you be happy for a 100 days in a row? This challenge asks you to document it by posting a photo of something that made you happy each day for a 100 days in a row. There is an assumption that the majority of those that take up this challenge fail to complete it because our lives are busy and there is less and less time to enjoy the simple things in life, savour  the moment, just be!

Lately I have been reconnecting with simple pleasures that have made my days more enjoyable. I’m cooking and baking more than ever and I’ve rediscovered the art of knitting. This simple pleasure has given me endless hours of joy. I have made cardigans, hats and even a cute little teddy for my nearest and dearest. Watching my projects take shape is exciting but seeing the happiness in the face of those who have received these little creations as gifts is even better.

So this morning when I was in town I added to my stash of wool and patterns and yes I felt happy, very happy, as I thought about what project I was starting next and thought of  the person I would be giving the pieces to. I decided to take up the challenge!

Photo: #100happydays - a stash of new supplies :)

 First day done, 99 to go! 

You can read the full details here http://100happydays.com.



  1. Good luck with your challenge!
    It’s funny you should talk about knitting, I have been thinking of having a go with that recently, but I am not any good at it can do a basic stitch and that’s all really! It is just making that time to do it, isn’t it x


    • Thanks Queenie. The thing with knitting is once you’ve mastered the basic stitch the sky is your limit! Making the time is the difficult part, I’m hoping to keep it up as I’m really enjoying seeing the finished product and the happiness on the recipient of these small gifts face. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. K


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