Day 2 of #100happydays challenge

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Day two of #100happydays started of on a good note.

Photo: #100happydays - being handed a coffee :)

As I finished making pancakes for young sirs breakfast I was handed this delicious cup of coffee. My favorite way to start the day.

My mother and father in law gave me a coffee machine for Christmas, well, when I say me, I do mean us! The thing is Darren rarely drinks coffee so I have claimed ownership of it.

I haven’t had a cup of instant coffee since it arrived. I’m a firm believer in doing something nice for yourself everyday. So, twice a day I go through the ritual of making a beautiful cup of coffee and savouring every second of drinking it. This ritual makes me happy.

Day two of the #100happydays challenge down……98 to go!



  1. I don’t drink coffe, but I enjoy the faff of making a proper cup of tea with tea leaves, strainer, tea pot, sugar lumps, the lot x


    • I think the faff of making tea/coffee just for yourself is the important part. We do so many things each day for others that it’s nice to be be nice to ourselves. K


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