#100happydays Day 13 & 14

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Life, Love, Family

Been very busy since Friday and although I posted my #100happydays pic I didn’t manage to write about why I chose them.

Day 13 was:

Photo: #100happydays day 13 - a night out with the lovely Mr. S. what's seldom is wonderful :)

Mr. S and I headed out on Saturday evening for a drink or two with some friends. What’s seldom is wonderful! Any excuse to get dressed up and meet up with friends is a reason to smile.

Day 14

Photo: #100happydays day 14 - feet up, waiting for Call the Midwife.....I live this time on a Sunday evening. Weekend over, everything ready for a new week relaxing on the sofa with Mr.S, kids rolling their eyes at being subjected mum's tv choice!

Feet up and ready to enjoy my weekly dose of ‘Call The Midwives’. The beginning of the end of the weekend Chez Shiels.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Days 13 and 14 down only 86 days to go!




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