#100happydays Day 15

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Life, Love, Family

Another busy day today. It’s birthday season  here at the moment. Mammy Byrne’s birthday is tomorrow, my sister’s birthday is on the 14th and I have a big birthday coming up the end of March.

After dropping Darren and the kids to work and school I headed card shopping, and collected the present I’d ordered  and headed home to bake  a cake.

As I began to get dinner started my mobile rang and I could see my nieces name across the screen. I found myself smiling as I lifted the phone to my ear.

My niece is a beautiful young woman with an infectious smile. She has a sunny deposition and it is rare to see her in bad form.

She was ringing for a chat because Wally had died on the motorway as she made her way home from work. Wally is her car. Named after a rugby player if memory serves me well.

Her mum had arrived to help with Mission Rescue Mairead and while they waited for a tow truck to arrive we chatted and laughed as you do with those you love dearly.

The smile on my face and spring in my step lasted much longer than the call. Nieces are fab.

Day 15 down, 85 to go.

Photo: #100happydays Day 15 - today I received a call from my gorgeous niece who was stranded on the motorway. As she waited for assistance with her mum who had gone to her rescue! We chatted and laughed as you do with those you love. When I hung up I'd a smile on my face and a spring in my step 󾬐



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