#100happydays Day 17

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#100happydays / humorous / Life, Love, Family

It was a bit chaotic here today.  On Wednesdays and Fridays I teach a women’s group. It can be challenging and there are times when my carefully crafted class plans get thrown out the window and I have to rely on my initiative and resourcefulness. Today was one of those days.

After finishing work but before collecting the kids I thought I’d have time to bake cookies and get a ginger cake in the oven for Darren’s mum. All was going well until I realised I had no golden syrup. I hopped in the car and headed to the shop, secure in the knowledge I had lots of time before the kids got out of  school.

Reaching for the eggs I remembered making boiled eggs for breakfast and that there was none left. Back in the car and back to the shop! At this stage I was starting to panic. As luck would have it, the ginger cake was in the oven and the cookies cooling when I left the house to collect the kids.

So, the kitchen was a mess, homework had to be done and dinner needed preparing. I really was beginning to think that I would never get to sit down.

Then I remembered that Darren had no rehearsals this evening and I could feel my evening begin to improve!

Darren is part of a local drama group and is taking part in their interpretation of ‘I do not love thee Dr Fell’ this weekend. He joined the group three years ago to help raise funds to build a purpose built youth club and has been a member ever since. We have both made some really great friendships from his involvement.

I’m really enjoying his night off from rehearsals as most evenings he has his dinner and runs!

So this is todays #100happydays photo. Me and D!


Day 17, 83 to go 🙂



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