#100happydays Day 18

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Life, Love, Family

My kitchen table. Yes you’ve read it correctly, my kitchen table makes me happy.

That’s a little odd I hear you say but you haven’t heard the reason why yet. 

Darren and I moved into this house in September of 1997. At the time it was a two bedroom cottage not quite open plan however the sitting room was at the heart of the house, the gateway to all other rooms. An extension had been added at some stage, giving us a very large bathroom in comparison to the minuscule  kitchen.

The size of the kitchen didn’t put us of cooking and many delicious meals were made in our tiny but adequately equipped kitchen. If we were having people over a lovely pine table would be carried to the sitting room and out would come the fold out chairs!

I did have dreams of a kitchen table with half a dozen or more chairs in a spacious functional kitchen but as it was just the two of us there was no real urgency.

Then we became three and we decided the time had come to extend our quaint cottage. We were four before planning permission was approved! Things were getting a little tight.

When the work was being done we moved to a beautiful spacious house not too far away. I couldn’t believe how different life could be with extra space. The kids loved the freedom of running about from room to room. I loved the fact that we could all sit at the same table for meals.

Maybe watching the Waltons during my childhood has  constructed my notion of what family life should be!

I became very attached to the house we rented during the build and was very reluctant to move home. I still remember those first few weeks back in our newly extended house. I would sit over a coffee in the mornings looking about in amazement that this kitchen was actually mine!

Many happy memories have been made around this kitchen table. Family gatherings have been hosted, the world’s woes have been put to right over coffee, homework is done on it and college assignments have been completed in the small hours of the morning. If it could talk it would have many a tale to tell.

Day 18 down, 82 to go. Have a great day 🙂

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