#100happydays Day 23

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#100happydays / Life, Love, Family

Day 23 of the #100happydays challenge and not meaning to sound smug but my day was full of happy moments! The pile of books left on the kitchen table as the kids vanished outside to enjoy the sunshine was just the icing on the cake. I love that moment when spellings have been asked, books are closed and  pencil cases are put back into schoolbags. It was more enjoyable this evening because it wasn’t even ten past four. Heaven!

This morning I woke happy and as the day progressed my happiness seemed to expand.

Darren shaved off his beard last night so waking to a smooth cheeked husband was a very positive start to my day.

Jake was up like a lark, organising his sports bag for school. His sister was in great form as a trip to the dental hygienist meant she would be starting school late and so could get ready at a leisurely pace.

Darren got a lie in because his mum took the pampered pooch home with her yesterday to have him groomed. His absence meant no 6.30 wake up call.

I came back from school and work drop off to find my lovely daughter had cleaned and tidied the kitchen.

The visit to the hygienist went well.

After dropping Hannah back to school I picked up the pooch. What a difference a hair cut can make! He’s like a new dog.

As I write, I’m relaxing in front of the fire. The kids are enjoying having their dad around in the evenings now rehearsals are over.

I’m going to put the finishing touches to a knitting project I’ve almost finished. The thoughts of packaging it up and sending it to someone who means the world to me makes me smile.

They’re all just little, mundane, everyday things. Before I started this challenge I probably wouldn’t have paid any of them much attention. However, over the past 23 days I’ve become much more aware of the feeling of happiness, whether it is a fleeting moment or a longer lasting feeling of well being as I catch the kids do something or hear certain songs or just see a patch of blue sky above me.

Happiness is infectious.

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. ~Thích Nhất Hạnh



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