#100happydays Day 24.5!

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#100happydays / Life, Love, Family

At around 3.30 today I hit a wall. I just had no energy and felt I could gladly go to bed for the evening.

With two young people in house that wasn’t an option. I could feel myself becoming grumpy and narky.

Happy days my foot says I, thankful that I had posted my happy moment earlier in the day. You see it’s not all sweetness and light chez Shiels.

So it was with much joy that I eventually sat on the sofa to relax for the evening. I was just getting settled when I heard a tap on the back door.

I was delighted to open it and find Darren on the other side bearing gifts. He had a Maltana loaf in his hands.

For the past few months I haven’t been eating after dinner but tonight I made an exception.

It really is the simple things. Love you Mr. Shiels.



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