#100happydays Day 25

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#100happydays / handmade soaps / Life, Love, Family / lifestyle / nature

1/4 of the way there!! This morning I collected some beautiful products from Made In Lucy’s Kitchen.

Lucy makes beautiful soaps, sugar scrubs, bath bombs and bath melts and bath salts, not to mention her fabulous shaving soap for men, Eco friendly wax melts for the home and is expanding into luxurious creams!

Just seeing her beautifully packaged products around the house makes me happy! Not only did I pick up something lovely this morning, I also started a new bar of soap, it’s a very similar experience to new sheets on the bed!

There is a beautiful simplicity to the way that the products from Made In Lucy’s Kitchen are packaged which is especially appealing to me. Not only do the products look, feel and smell good, made from natural ingredients that are locally sourced when possible, they are extremely gentle on the most sensitive of skins.

I came across Lucy’s soaps around this time last year. I happened to have very chapped and sore hands which began to improve as soon as I began using the soap. Since then I am a convert!

I love the fact that when I buy something from Lucy’s range whether for my own pleasure or for a gift I am buying local.

So that’s it for today, if you would like to find out more about Lucy’s beautifully crafted range check out her web page here, Made In Lucy’s Kitchen or check out her Facebook page Made In Lucy’s Kitchen.


Happy Thursday.


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