#100happydays Day 25.5 and Day 26

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Day 25.5

It’s Friday! Yay. I’m feeling a little washed out this week. However,  I have still managed to capture moments of happiness throughout my day.

I know this is becoming a bit of a habit but after posting my #100happydays post yesterday something really wonderful happened.

I received a mail from a friend congratulating me on a piece of writing belonging to me that had appeared in the Winter/Summer 2014 edition of ARN Ireland’s public journal. I was beaming for the rest of the day. Arn Ireland, Anti Racism Network, is an independent political organisation working to fight racism in all it’s forms and affirming the principle of equality.

Photo: #100happydays Day 25.5!!  -  Ok!!! I've been beaming with happiness since my good friend Mahasty Eslahy informed me that an article I'd written has been included in ARN's latest edition of their public journal!!!!!

Day 26

While doing the weekly grocery shopping I just couldn’t pass the flower stand without picking up this gorgeous bunch of Hyacinths.

Photo: #100happydays Day 26 - it's Friday, it's payday, the first since December! And these beautiful flowers are in my kitchen window what more do I need to be happy!

I love having fresh flowers in the house.

The shopping has been stored away. Dinner has been eaten and the dishes washed and put away. I have retired to the sofa for the evening. I have a very important project that needs to be finished this weekend.

So, I’ll swap the laptop for my knitting needles and wish you all a very happy weekend.

Day 26 down, 74 to go.

 Click here 100happydays.com for details of the challenge.



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