#100happydays Day 66

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#100happydays / Life, Love, Family

Day 66 April 23rd

Photo: 100happydays Day 66 - after sitting in a corner of the house gathering dust for months I decided to break open the box and see how difficult it was to work a sewing machine! Delighted with my first attempt! The fact that I threaded it had me smiling!!!

I received a sewing machine as a gift some months ago.  Only problem is I have never, ever used a sewing machine before!

It sat on the floor of my kitchen for some weeks. I did take it from the box once or twice and marvel at it’s loveliness but as I didn’t own a spool of tread I couldn’t even begin to use it.

It eventually moved from the kitchen to a corner of my bedroom and I would glance at the box now and then telling myself that I really should try to use it.

Then it became a table of sorts. Things would be put on top of it and left there.

Yesterday I decided was the day to figure out how to use this lovely machine. I sat it up on the kitchen table and started reading the instructions.  Then I shut the instruction booklet and did what all intelligent kids do now a days when they what to master something. I looked it up on youtube!

I had the bobbin spun and needle threaded in minutes. I have mastered the art of threading the machine and sewing in a straight(ish) line.

As I sat enjoying the feeling of accomplishment my 12 year old joined me with a smaller sewing machine she had received as a birthday present some years back. She could teach me a thing or two!

Happiness grows at our own firesides, and is not to be picked in strangers’ gardens. ~Douglas Jerrold


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