#100happydays Day 68

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#100happydays / Life, Love, Family

Day 68 Friday April 25th

Photo: #100happydays Day 68 - busy day in the kitchen making sure there's something nice for a cuppa tomorrow

Saturdays here are taking on a comforting form. Up with the lark, well up with  the dog, and out for a walk. Coffee machine gets switched on along with the oven on my return. A pot of soup is made and soda bread popped in the oven. House is tidied and boy heads of to football training.

I sit and read in the car while he trains……..ok sometimes I knit. And, no I don’t care who sees me! Joys of aging and realising that only you can make you happy.

In the afternoon we usually get a visit from Darren’s parents. We all love to see the car pull into the drive. I suppose the expectation that they will call is what gets me motivated. I love  sharing a meal and  a chat at the kitchen table and the Saturday they don’t appear seems kinda flat!

This week my Mum and sister called too. As they live further away we don’t get to enjoy their company as often. So, I spent Friday baking some nice bits and pieces to have with a cuppa.

The Dundee cake was for Darren’s Dad and even though the smell of it is very tempting  it has been wrapped up and placed in an airtight container ready for collection.

I love baking, I find it relaxing and calming plus the smell throughout the house is fab.

So, with the kitchen cleaned and tidied I’m going to sit down, looking forward to a full house tomorrow.

Another happy day, only 32  to go!!

And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen. ~Terri Guillemets


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