#100happydays Day 79

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#100happydays / Life's small pleasures / Life, Love, Family

Day 79 Tuesday May 6th

Photo: #100hapoydays Day 79 - kitchen clean and tidy....cuppa made....star bar to go with it! Love star bars!!!! Happy out :)

After what proved to be a busy day I finally got the kitchen tidied and sat down with a nice hot cup of tea in my favorite mug. It’s my favorite mug because it was given to me by a dear friend and each time I use it I think of her and smile.

Sweet treats are at a minimum in our house and to avoid the ‘just one, pleeeaseeee’ mantra I just don’t buy them in my weekly groceries. If it’s not there it can’t be eaten!

As I cleaned up this evening my 12 year old sauntered through the kitchen and declared she’d LOVE a bar of chocolate. I decided to be a nice mammy and go get her one. I couldn’t leave this Starbar behind, I’ve loved them since I was 12!

So I’m happy out here, sitting in front of the fire, sipping tea and enjoying my chocolaty treat :).


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