#100happydays Day 82

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#100happydays / Life's small pleasures / Life, Love, Family / nature

Day 82 Friday May 9th

I’m a little behind with my blog posts on my #100happydays challenge as there is a lot going on in the life and times of the Shiels family at the moment. I haven’t missed a day of posting the photo to facebook yet though so here’s a quick catch up on what’s been making me happy over the past week or so.

After a hectic Friday at work followed by the weekly shopping trip and a visit to Granddad with the kids I was pulling the blinds to  shut out the world while I relaxed and watched some TV when I spotted that my favorite tree was in bloom.

It only blooms for a short period of time each May. I usually watch it like a hawk to ensure that I don’t miss a moments of it’s fleeting beauty.

Catching a glimpse of it’s pretty yellow blooms made my evening so I braved  the rain to capture a photo of it. The light wasn’t great so apologies if it’s beauty isn’t apparent here.

I think that I should never see a poem as lovely as a tree….   Joyce Kilmer

Photo: #100happydays Day 82  - pulling the blinds just now I noticed that my favourite tree is in bloom.....so I braved the rain to capture a photo of it:) not sure you can see its beauty at this time of night


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