Lazy Summer Saturdays

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I love Saturday mornings. I try to get up early pop a loaf or two of bread in the oven while I get a pot of soup simmering on the stovetop in readiness for lunch time. We are usually joined by my mother and Father in law. I love to have a full kitchen with the sound of happy banter at the weekend.

This morning I got to use home grown herbs for the first time!

I also found these two beauties when I checked out the strawberry plants….

While a meringue base for a roulade was baking in the oven Darren arrived back from footing turf and we had a late breakfast along side the industrious duo who were  busy creating colourful loom bands.

The boy went off to football while I got ready to head to see mammy Byrne and my lovely sister.

After a lovely lunch with the in laws it was time hit the road.

We enjoyed a lovely day of sunshine and banter surrounded by family…. and some lovely ducks!

As usual we outstayed our welcome. The skies where still bright when we were driving home.

Photo: Lovely day spent with the family! Sky still blue for the drive's after 9! I love summer :)

A fun filled day that seemed to last for ever. I love Saturdays especially the lazy sunny kind.

Life after the #100happydays challenge………….it’s still the little things 🙂



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