Month: July 2014

Silver Linings

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Blog Awards Ireland 2014 / Life, Love, Family

After starting the week with a dark cloud hovering over my beautiful patch of Leitrim things have gotten better and better! I recently joined Creative Longford, a group of extremely talented crafters from, yes you’ve guessed it……Longford. ( I manage to be eligible to join as technically I don’t really live in Leitrim at all, a fact my lovely husband delights in pointing out to me). At the moment Creative Longford is taking part in […]


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Family / Life / Love

Over the past few years I have become a little better at waiting. I remember birthdays and Christmases past when I would be so excited waiting for the moment that I would receive my presents that I just could not stand still. Then the wonder, joy and excitement at opening these packages. Waiting seemed to be rewarded with happiness and joy. Waiting to hear if I have succeeded at interviews is a whole new experience […]

Colours, paint, brushes and books!

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Life, Love, Family

They’re everywhere!! After writing my last blog I headed into town on a hunt for a green paint for the woodwork in my office. After searching the shelves for the shade I had in my head (which obviously doesn’t exist) I spotted a tin called bubblegum pink. I’m not really overly fond of pink but I had to have it. My daughter was steering me away suggesting lots of other shades but no……….I needed the […]

A Room of One’s Own

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#100happydays / A Room of One's Own / Hobbies / Literature / thoughts / Virginia Woolf

I haven’t been writing lately. Between February and May my motivation for writing came from the #100happydays challenge. Since it ended I haven’t been as disciplined about sitting down regularly to lay down some words. Yet I have words in me that what to get out. During my time in college I had a little study built at the top of the stairs. It’s nestled under the eaves, cosy and snug during the winter months […]