A Room of One’s Own

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I haven’t been writing lately. Between February and May my motivation for writing came from the #100happydays challenge. Since it ended I haven’t been as disciplined about sitting down regularly to lay down some words.
Yet I have words in me that what to get out. During my time in college I had a little study built at the top of the stairs. It’s nestled under the eaves, cosy and snug during the winter months and stiflingly hot when the weather is good! But it’s mine. A Room of One’s Own!
During my time in college it was functional, housing shelves of textbooks, oodles of novels, a printer and all the other bits and pieces that you need to write and study and drink coffee and read. Moving from a corner in the kitchen to a dedicated area to write and study was such a change.
No longer did I have to pack all my work away  each evening, I could leave books open, notes on the desk it was fantastic.
Once I completed my Masters I closed the door on my room and it became a storage room of sorts.

No one else moved in, however, work files seemed to fill the floor space and the desk attracted all kinds of old post and bits and bobs that didn’t make it to the bin but somehow managed to find a way up stairs.
So, the other day I decided that my cosy room needed a clear out. I have decluttered the floor. Thinned out the work files and gotten rid of those I don’t need. It is beginning to resemble a calm, peaceful space again. As I gaze around it I think it might benefit from a pop of colour here or there. I’ll blame the lovely Hilda from Hilda by Design  and Jane from That Curious Love Of Green for that that!
I’ve a few ideas floating about at the moment. One has been niggling away since I finished my Masters and focuses on a subject that I am familiar with but need to frame correctly. I’m hopeful that a clean sweep of my study will help clear the cobwebs from my head and allow me to write more freely and at the same time find the time to continue with the knitting, baking and gardening projects which flourished while the cobwebs took hold in my very own little room.



  1. Gráinne Corrigan says

    delighted you are writing again………i am just patiently awaiting your first novel


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