Month: August 2014

The Fanny Crown Affair

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Even as a child I wasn’t one for tracksuits and as early as three knew exactly what I wanted to wear! The photo below has captured a disgruntled little diva in red. The lady in red had wanted to wear a fabulous white creation which had been made to measure. Yes, even at three I had a sense of style all of my own and appreciated haute couture. I wasn’t allowed to wear the white […]

Happy Third Birthday

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It’s three years today since I set up this blog. Three years! I can’t believe it’s been that long. Thought I’d share my very first blog post and say thanks to mammy Byrne. Sure without her I’d have no stories to tell and no blog to write :). And a huge thanks to all who visit the page, read, share and leave comments. Only Happy When Causing Trouble This was a line I heard very […]

Restructuring and organising

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Good morning!  There has been an increase in traffic on the blog over the past few weeks. Thank you to all who have visited, read, shared and commented. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.  I having a sneaking suspicion that some of you may have arrived thanks to Jane at That Curious Love of Green, thank you Jane.  And more of you may have found me on the long list nominations for The Irish Blog […]

Treasures and Dreams

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The holidays are drawing to a close. There is a distinctive chill in the air and the great tidy up of our attic area can no longer wait. Today my lovely husband set to clearing out the space up stairs. I have long harboured hopes of creating a library up under the eaves. Sure why not? Isn’t my lovely study tucked away up here. The peace and solitude up here is second to none. During […]

Still Happy

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Well it’s been awhile since the #100happydays challenge came to an end.  I am still very aware of the little things that infuse the most mundane and ordinary of days with happiness. I am more aware than ever before of the importance of reflecting and being grateful for them. Since finishing the challenge I have taken up running, well I have begun the the couch to 5k challenge and am delighted with my progress. I […]


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I am finally getting round to organising my study. I’m trying to be ruthless and throw away all the notes that I have clung on to from college. It’s working out well……ish! I am getting side tracked along the way. So much so that I decided to have a bit of a give away on my Facebook knitting  page. I have added the link to the blog if anyone would like to join in and […]