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A Room of One's Own / Knitting / Life / Organising / Procrastination

I am finally getting round to organising my study. I’m trying to be ruthless and throw away all the notes that I have clung on to from college.

It’s working out well……ish!

I am getting side tracked along the way. So much so that I decided to have a bit of a give away on my Facebook knitting  page. I have added the link to the blog if anyone would like to join in and win a cosy water bottle cover for the coming winter evenings.

Better get back to the clear out…………

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~William James


The Author

I'm living on the Leitrim border with my lovely husband and two terrific kids. It's the little piece of heaven that I dreamed of growing up. I work in Adult Education by day and during my free time I read, write, knit, plant and bake not always in that order. I blog about life, love, family and everything in between. Pull up a chair and have a browse while you're here. All the best, Karen

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