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Well it’s been awhile since the #100happydays challenge came to an end. 

I am still very aware of the little things that infuse the most mundane and ordinary of days with happiness. I am more aware than ever before of the importance of reflecting and being grateful for them.

Since finishing the challenge I have taken up running, well I have begun the the couch to 5k challenge and am delighted with my progress. I feel happier and healthier and am enjoying waking up each morning feeling well rested and ready for what the day has to offer. 

 I have become a member of  Creative Longford and have taken part in a pop up shop as part of the very successful Cruthú Arts Festival. It was a brilliant experience and I met and worked alongside some extremely talented people.

I have been nominated for a blog award much to my surprise and delight. You may have noticed the new addition of a Blog Awards Ireland sticker to the left of my page. I stated this blog as a log of everyday events and experiences and I never in my wildest dreams though I would have over a 1000 followers or receive lots of lovely encouraging feedback. So, a huge big thank you to all who have read, commented and shared my blog. It is very much appreciated. As was the nomination for The Blog Awards Ireland 2014. 

So what else have I been up to. Well, I have had my very first spray tan and mini pedicure! 

I am a quite and reserved individual at the best of times. I don’t really cope well in crowds and tend to steer clear of big occasions. I am your typical Irish cailín, pale skin, blue eyes and fair hair. I have always wanted to be tanned however as I would burn to a crisp in the sun this is just not possible.

When an invitation landed on the door mat to a big gathering there was much debate on whether to go or not. When we decided that we’d brave it I decided that I was going to go all out and get myself a spray tan so that I could wear some lovely peep toe shoes I have. Yes it was as simple and complicated as that.

I did a bit of research on spray tanning and where to get it done. Then found someone that I would be comfortable with ( as mentioned in an earlier blog I have quite a big birthmark on my back and don’t feel comfortable revealing it).

I am happy to report that Kelly O’Dowd at Kelly O’Dowd Professional Make-Up Artist was an excellent choice. She made me feel so relaxed and comfortable and did an absolutely excellent job. Her studio is fabulous and her lovely warm caring personality is much appreciated. 

So, after the spray tan I decided that maybe  pretty toes were also needed for this big day out. A gift token I had received for my 40th and stored away was found and dusted off. I really am not one for pampering and preening so I was a little nervous heading of to the Wards Urban Day Spa  to have my mini pedicure.

I need not have worried. From the moment I stepped out of the lift I was met by an air of calm and relaxation. The girls at the reception desk were so welcoming and pleasant. I was shown to a treatment room by the loveliest young woman who chatted happily to me throughout the pedicure which instantly put me at my ease. I left walking on the prettiest, softest feet feeling a million dollars. The spa is a wonderfully relaxing place that didn’t seem to have any sharp edges and the colours and tones were instantly calming. I have promised myself a return visit.

This pampering oneself is extremely addictive if a little time consuming! 

Well, I’ve got to run……..I’m getting my hair cut this afternoon and then I’m off to have my nails painted. I think I could get very used to a life of leisure :).

To wash one’s hair, make one’s toilet, and put on scented robes; even if not a soul sees one, these preparations still produce an inner pleasure. ~Sei Shonagon





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