Treasures and Dreams

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The holidays are drawing to a close. There is a distinctive chill in the air and the great tidy up of our attic area can no longer wait.

Today my lovely husband set to clearing out the space up stairs. I have long harboured hopes of creating a library up under the eaves. Sure why not? Isn’t my lovely study tucked away up here. The peace and solitude up here is second to none. During the winter months there’s the added bonus of being closer to the howling wind and lashing rain.

We unearthed many treasures. Some long forgotten and greeted with smiles and fond memories. Some that I knew I had put away safely.

One treasure that surfaced is a beautiful patch work quilt that my daughter received from her grandparents. While she was a baby it adorned her cot and moved to the end of her bed as she got a little older. Then themed bed linen reared it’s ugly head and the beautifully crafted quilt made to match the colours of an infants nursery was no longer wanted. Not even as a throw at the end of the bed.

It was consigned to the hotpress or so I thought. However, when I went looking for it i couldn’t find it anywhere!

As we are hoarders in training I knew it was in the house. It was where in the house that evaded me.

You can imagine my surprise and delight when it surfaced this afternoon.

We have reclaimed the space under the eaves and we have managed to part with lots of stuff so breaking a worrying pattern of keeping everything the kids had EVER owned. My dream of a library under the eaves isn’t such a fantasy after all.


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