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Even as a child I wasn’t one for tracksuits and as early as three knew exactly what I wanted to wear! The photo below has captured a disgruntled little diva in red. The lady in red had wanted to wear a fabulous white creation which had been made to measure. Yes, even at three I had a sense of style all of my own and appreciated haute couture. I wasn’t allowed to wear the white number as it was my sister’s moment to shine. As a result I was grumpy and sulky for the day.  Those who have followed the Mammy Byrne sagas will know that I went on to have my moment in the limelight in spectacular fashion.


For as long as I can remember I have loved dressing up and longed to make my communion so that I could parade about for the day (the year more like!) in a long white dress. The look would be completed with lacy gloves, ankle strap sandals and a parasol. Yes I did actually think I was Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady.

Image from Ponderings

A veil would have to replace the hat for the day but after being denied the chance to wear my white dress years before I had learned to compromise.

Unfortunately the vision in my mind’s eye did not match what Mammy Byrne had in mind………..I’ll just say there were a few tears, maybe a tantrum or six. I did get the sandals but worn with a short dress and hand knit socks it wasn’t the look I was hoping for. The veil that I had conceded to wear in place of a wide brimmed hat did nothing to disguise the haircut that I had been treated to in the weeks before the big day.

Although the communion ensemble wasn’t exactly what I had dreamed of, I have fond memories of the day and did delight in dressing up for the occasion.

I suppose the next big dress shopping opportunity was for my debs. I picked the style and fabric and had my dream dress made to measure. I loved the dress and would have gladly wore it every day.

Shopping for my wedding dress was a pleasure and I enjoyed every fitting and every second that I wore it.

With my fondness for dressing up in mind imagine my delight when I was asked by Amy at Fanny Crown Paris to join their Fanny Crown Blogger contest and be in with a chance to win one of their fabulous dresses.

I was in heaven! If you haven’t already you really need to pay Fanny Crown Paris a visit.

So my task if I was to accept it (as if I’d turn a chance like this down!) was to choose a dress, explain why I like the style and say what kind of accessories and make up I’d add to it for a night on the tiles. Easy. You’d think……….but the choice was huge so it did take me a while to settle on a dress I truly loved because  I love and covet many of the beautiful pieces on offer.

My first thought was ‘so many dresses, so little time!’. Then I settled down with a cuppa and took my time wistfully perusing through the vast amount of dresses that are on offer. They have everything your heart desires and more.

Drum roll please.

Dah dah!

Shimmer Sequins Bateau Golden Party Dress

My dream dress from Fanny Crown Paris is this beautiful creation.An elegant floor length golden evening gown, the bodice of which is embellished with two shades of sequence over a mesh layout. The skirt is tailored from imitation silk and gives a nice sculptured curve.

I love this dress. It’s timeless and elegant. Fitted, yet the drape of the skirt suggests a flow of fabric that really catches the eye. The colour is subtle yet effective and while I wouldn’t usually choose a dress with a sequenced body I think it adds a touch of glamour. Ideal for a New Year’s Eve ball!

So now Cinderella has her gown what accessories will she add? I’m a less is more type of girl. So I usually accessorise with simple but stylish shoes and bag and a few pieces of elegant jewellery.

Who could resist these Jimmy Choo Lance sandals and this matching clutch bag?

 Jimmy Choo Lance   Jimmy Choo Chandra

Jimmy Choo Sandals and Clutch (images found here)

Keeping with the colour of the dress, sandals and bag this chunky but stylish bracelet finishes  the look.

Gold Bracelet

 Bracelet found at Pinterest 

I’m sure you can tell that once I started I really got into this. If you are regular readers you will know that I have recently succumbed to the pleasures of treating myself to manicures, pedicures and the odd spray tan. So…..a few days in advance of the big night ( yes, in my head Cinderella is definitely going to a ball)  I’ll be booking myself into Rinn Neimhe  to be bronzed and have my nails beautified.

My make up will be natural for the night that’s in it. I think this dress calls for defined eyebrows, mascara and a neutral lip shade. A nice natural palette of colours.

Fortunately for me my dress is from Fanny Crown Paris and won’t turn to rags as the clock strikes midnight. This Cinderella will be dancing on into the wee hours of the morning, wishing the night would last forever so that I can stay in this fabulous flowing frock.

Fanny Crown Paris has kindly given all readers of the blog 15% off Fanny Crown Paris dresses for a limited period. Just use the following code KARENBSHIELS14. The offer is valid until October 4th 2014.


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  1. Love the pics of you in all your dresses Karen, and I even like the hand made socks on your Communion day. Good luck in the contest and if you win this fabulous gown ( cause it IS so much more than a dress) I know you will look statuesque, beautiful and elegant on that big night. By the way…. You will never be a Cinderella – (a) Cause you don’t have to be home before midnight, and (b) cause you have already met your prince 🙂 ❤

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