#100happydayschallenge #day12

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Life, Love, Family

Day 12! and it’s the weekend as if anything else was needed to make me happy.

On cleaning out his mum and dad’s attic Darren came across this little book of Shakespearean plays. It’s fascinating to hold something so beautifully formed yet so old and wonder who held it before you. What was their story? How did they part with it…….

Alas, no wine in the glass ……just Lidl’s finest fruit crush 🙂

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. ~James Bryce


The Author

I'm living on the Leitrim border with my lovely husband and two terrific kids. It's the little piece of heaven that I dreamed of growing up. I work in Adult Education by day and during my free time I read, write, knit, plant and bake not always in that order. I blog about life, love, family and everything in between. Pull up a chair and have a browse while you're here. All the best, Karen

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