Preparing for Winter

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Hello and a big thank you and welcome to anyone new. While I was gone a lovely thing happened. Over 200 people read my blog in the one day! That hasn’t happened in quite some time and it was a lovely surprise to get. I’m attributing this increase in readers to the fact that Jane from That Curious Love Of Green shared my post. So, thank you Jane.

I have hit a little bump in the road on my journey into Stoicism. All was going well until I started to lose the run of myself. One little treat lead to another and another until I had returned to my old habits.

The upshot is that I have been feeling sluggish, slow to rise in the mornings and my mind has slipped back into a chaotic mess!

The calmness and order that I had developed disappeared rather quickly. This was not  how I had planned to start the winter.

I’m on holidays from work until early September and I plan on revisiting and reestablishing my sense of well-being, mindfulness and general calm. Entering the bleak winter months with a positive outlook and disposition.

This week I am going to relax and rejuvenate. I have lots of reading to do and a cardigan that needs to be finished. We’re on the count down to back to school so I plan on enjoying the next week or so with the kids which will only add to my feeling of well-being.

At the beginning of every winter people are careful to install storm windows. These extra panes of glass protect their houses against the bitter winds. We do something very similar to protect our minds through the practice of meditation. ~Eknath Easwaran

Slán agus beannacht



The Author

I'm living on the Leitrim border with my lovely husband and two terrific kids. It's the little piece of heaven that I dreamed of growing up. I work in Adult Education by day and during my free time I read, write, knit, plant and bake not always in that order. I blog about life, love, family and everything in between. Pull up a chair and have a browse while you're here. All the best, Karen


  1. Hey…chin up! There is something in the air as I didn’t have such a great healthy eating week last week {…with my ‘friday treat’ being consumed on TUESDAY! Not a good sign😂} but feeling back on track this week now. Totally with you on enjoying the last few weeks with the kids: it’ll all be crazy enough once they are back at school.
    Love that quote at the end.
    Take care of you,
    Hilda xx


    • Yes last week was particularly long and wearisome. Today however the sun is shining and it’s just a great day to be out and about. Enjoy the run up to back to school Hilda and thanks for the comment. Always lovely to receive.

      Take care,


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