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The transition from lazy, relaxed holiday season to busy, hectic come on I’m going now whether you are in the car or not school season has gone surprisingly smoothly here at Crabtree Cottage.

The teen has settled back into the early mornings and organising her time so homework is done while vlog watching and music listening can’t be compromised because we all know how detrimental to future life those things are.

The nearly teen is delighted to be in sixth class and is delighted that he has been bestowed the task of being the bus prefect. A job, according to the teen, that means he has finally arrived in primary school terms, a job that everyone secretly or not so secretly desires but only a chosen few get.

I have very mixed emotions about this particular aspect of school life and while I am delighted for my youngest child and believe that he will be fair and just in his role I am disappointed for my eldest as she also would have been fair and just. However, her quiet, reserved type of fair and just doesn’t seem to be valued in our school system, primary or secondary. But that’s a  whole other blog!

I have had the luxury of an extra week or so holidays and had many productive plans for these extra days. All these plans involved work, organising classes, organising trips and tackling corrections.

Best laid plans etc, etc. I spent my time cleaning, baking, chatting to friends and now I sit here with a couple of days to go before I am in the thick of it again. I am surrounded by books and papers with a cup of coffee at my elbow.

karens photos 003

Sure it will all get done. No need to hurry……

Have a great week wherever you may be. And if you have the time leave a comment, tell me about your day or week.

Clocks slay time… time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life. ~William Faulkner

Slán agus beannacht,


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