Dresses, dreams and a good spoon of forgetfulness!

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Last year the lovely people at Fanny Crown asked me if I would write a blog about a dress I would wear from their site. There would be a prize for the best blog, a voucher to spend on their fabulous site.

So I did, and I got a prize! A €100 voucher to spend on the dress of my dreams.

I was delighted to say the least  as I love a nice gúna. The dresses on the Fanny Crown website are exquisite and not what you’d be wearing swanning to and from work. I decided to wait until an occassion arose and then I’d have fun choosing a nice frock.

And as you do, I kinda forgot about my voucher and the lovely dresses that were waiting  for me to choose.

And now it’s September 9th and the voucher is void after September 11th ……..silly me.

If anyone one of you lovely readers is in the process of buying a nice dress and happen to stop at Fanny Crown let me know….voucher looking for good home………..however must be used in 2 days!!

I like my money right where I can see it – hanging in my closet. 

~From the television show Sex and the City

Slán agus beannacht,


ps. don’t be shy, get in touch if you’d use the voucher!!



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