A change is as good as a rest!

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It’s been a while. Who knew back to school and work would result in no time for writing!

As for stoicism, well it has taken a back seat of late. Self control has completely vacated the building however I’ve managed to hang on to letting go what is beyond my control.

I made a little promise to myself that I would be up at 7 every morning to see the change in the season as summer deserts us and autumn settles in.

I’ve managed to keep this promise even over the weekend and I’m enjoying seeing the difference in the skyline over Crabtree Cottage each morning.

(just some of my morning views)

Other than that I’m busy getting my two out to school and me out to work every morning. Another new experience for me, up until this year I have only had two mornings work a week.

My organisational skills and ability to forward plan are really being put to the test.

So that’s all that’s been happening here over the last while.

Shedding late-summer tears for the end of cherry season. Patiently and hopefully waiting for pumpkin pie season. ~Terri Guillemets

Thanks for reading,

Slán agus beannacht,




  1. Lovely photos. I’m always awake before 7 but not through choice! Puggly throws himself at the door and cries until I get up to walk him.
    Good luck at work.


    • Thank you, our mutt wakes to go out before 7 too but I have to say I’m not always the one to get up with him!! Thanks for the good luck wishes, I’m enjoying most of it at the moment which is a plus 🙂


  2. So wish I were an early riser. My summer night job has ended my 7 am rises for now and soon enough it won’t even be light at that hour. It is the best part of the day especially if the children are still asleep!


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