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Hello and welcome to anyone who joined me recently,

I’ve been swamped with work related tasks and while it’s time consuming it pays the bills and sure isn’t it fantastic that my hours are increasing? Wouldn’t I be singing a different tune if they were being cut?

It just means what time I have left is divided between family, house keeping and friends. Past times  are not getting a look in at all lately and I’m feeling the effect of it in my day  to day life.

I’m missing taking up my needles and creating something beautiful from a length of wool. I’m missing sitting down and writing even if it is only for my eyes. I’m missing practising mindfulness and the peace of mind that it afforded me.

At the moment I am trying very hard to claw back the time to sit quietly and reflect on what has happened throughout my day. To take up a worry turn it over and return it to the recesses of mind knowing that once it has been reshelved it won’t weigh as much.

So what else is happening here? I have signed up for That Curious Love of Green’s Creative Boot Camp which is taking place during the entire month of October. Jane over at That  Curious Love of Green is running this creative affair which involves two actions per day for the month of October. The first action is daily journaling and the second action is to undertake a  creative activity every day and share it with the group, which is a private group set up for this purpose.

I am excited, nervous, anxious and so very looking forward to the month ahead all in equal measures.

Today I had to remind myself that this journey I am taking is for me and my own wellbeing. I am positive there will be an immense amount of personal learning involved. I started my daily journal over the weekend and can see signs of personal growth and learning already. So while I am a little reluctant to let go and display my creative (or not so creative) side to the group I am truly looking forward to being part of something that is so inspiring, something that has brought a group of like minded, talented and awe-inspiring individuals together to share, support and encourage one another in a common endeavour.

Head over to Jane’s page if you’re interested in taking part, there is still time to join us! I’ll keep you posted on my progress…….I forgot to mention, I’m going to practise sketching to begin with. I have always wanted to paint a skyline…..maybe this is my chance.

All art requires courage. ~Anne Tucker

Slán agus beannacht,




  1. Ah, it’s just fantastic to find a creative outlet! And I know exactly what you mean. Life is busy and it’s hard to find the time for ourselves but we just simply HAVE to do it, eh? I think once you get bitten by the creative bug, that’s it. Curtains. And you feel like you’re not complete without it.

    Have the most wonderful, creative journey with the ever inspiring Jane xx


  2. Thanks for visiting me today Karen and I followed you home. I feel the same about creativity and Jane’s challenge. What I’ve noticed too is the tension between wanting to create for me but knowing I must share it publicly in the group makes me a little twitchy. But we have to create a habit of daily creating. And if this is how we make that change than so be it. Look forward to connecting more!


    • Hi Shalagh,

      Thanks for following me home. Your blog post was timely. I’m writing lesson plans and question myself at every step. I know exactly what you mean about the tension. I try to share what ever it is I’m at becasue I know without that commitment and promise I might let it slide for a day, which would multiply to more than a few and then I’d give up. So I push myself to share. Last year work was slow and I began knitting as a way of coping with the endless free hours I had while the kids were at school. It was a release from the stresses and stains of everyday worries. It was relaxing and calming and I seemed to get so much more done. I promised myself that I’d always keep time for me in the day. But that doesn’t always happen, so this bootcamp is helping me and I’m hopeful that it will last after October. Look forward to connecting more with you too.



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