Month: October 2015

Creativity, it’s Cathartic

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I’ve been immersing myself in creativity and self-expression. Sounds like I have notions doesn’t it? I’m sure I do, lots of them and sure why shouldn’t I? My second week of creativity bootcamp is coming to an end and what have I got to show for it? Has the house descended into chaos and are the children and Darren starving for want of a good dinner and a bit of attention? Not at all! If […]

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Life, Love, Family

Hello, it’s been a while. I’m a week into Creativity Bootcamp hosted by That Curious Love of Green and am enjoying the experience immensely. I have recently fallen from my stoicism bandwagon and have been very hard on myself about my lack of commitment. So yeah, I did what any reason and sane person might do. Jumped into a new commitment! A commitment that asked for two daily actions, one was daily journaling and the other […]