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Hello, it’s been a while.

I’m a week into Creativity Bootcamp hosted by That Curious Love of Green and am enjoying the experience immensely.

I have recently fallen from my stoicism bandwagon and have been very hard on myself about my lack of commitment. So yeah, I did what any reason and sane person might do. Jumped into a new commitment!

A commitment that asked for two daily actions, one was daily journaling and the other was to challenge yourself to try something new, creativity wise.

Before I go on I have to admit to believing that I am the least creative person in this house (if I’m honest in the world!). Nevertheless I jumped right in to bootcamp with both feet and sure once I start something I’m loath to admit defeat and give up (I’m only on  a break from the stoicism, I’ll be back on track before you know it).

So here I am,  a week in and not only have I kept up with my everyday commitments, I have also journaled daily, written poetry (for those who know me this is huge!), sketched and painted.

The sketching did result in a little meltdown I’m ashamed to say. How very dare I not be able to sketch like a pro the minute I sit with pencil and paper!

However, the painting was great. I don’t mean what I painted was great rather the process and act of painting was very relaxing and made me smile. I decided to just play with the paints and enjoy the messiness of them. It seemed to work, freeing me from having to produce a master piece first time round.

The daily journaling has revealed lots of thoughts that where swimming just out of reach, little revelations that have improved my way of thinking or my approach to things. While I won’t emerge from bootcamp a creative genius I will emerge a better person for the experience. We do not allow ourselves many moments in adult life to just play, maybe that’s why childhood seems to be ending sooner and sooner. Maybe we have forgotten the importance of play to our general development,  health, happiness and well – being.

So yeah, boot camp is going well.

Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do.

Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do. 

Mark Twain

Slán agus beannacht,

Karen x



  1. I read an interview of a rather successful woman who said she needed at least a half hour of “kindergarten time” every day. How wise to know and concede our need for play is tantamount to our mental health. I found at the beginning of the Bootcamp I was wanting masterpieces and wasn’t sure I could do all of it evey day (posting daily too for the month of October), I am developing both calluses and faith. Glad to have met you Karen.


  2. Taking time out to tap into your creative and artistic self can only result in good things. It may not be obvious at the start, but I like to think of the process being like a champagne bottle uncorked and the natural effervescence spilling out making you giggle and wanting to do it again and again. x

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