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My blog has been badly neglected over the past month or so. Creativity bootcamp finished up at the end of October and while I miss the constant interaction with the lovely bunch of creative, innovative and talented folk who took part, I am finding that a break from social media and the internet is doing me good.

I enjoyed the bootcamp immensely and have made some wonderful connections that are blossoming into friendships outside of the highly charged creative space which was made available to us by the wonderful charismatic Jane from That Curious Love of Green

The positivity and genuine encouragement, suggestions and advise that was offered from people from all corners of the globe was amazing. As a member of bootcamp you committed to journaling writing each day and performing a creative task and sharing it with the group.

I have to admit to feeling slightly intimidated by the wonderful art, poetry, mixed media pieces and creative writing pieces that appeared in my timeline. However, on joining the group I had decided to either commit fully or not at all. So up went my very basic sketches and my first attempts at painting with watercolours.

I have to admit that I felt much more at home with the journaling and am still writing my morning pages and gratitude lists each day.

I found the process of creating  deeply satisfying and calming.  I have never had a burning love for  poetry yet during the bootcamp I managed to write a number of poems. As I wrote, edited and redrafted them it felt as if they had always been there. Tucked away just beneath my conscious thought, waiting patiently for a chance to be committed to paper. I was very apprehensive about sharing these very personal ramblings but am delighted I did.

It is never easy to bare your soul to strangers but then this merry gang of bootcampers had ceased to be strangers almost as soon as bootcamp began. Dialogue, discussion and debate was a common occurence during those October days. Meaningful and deep conversations combined with witty banter meant that all awkwardness and shyness dissolved very early on resulting in the inevitable sense of loss that was felt by all as October drew to a close.

So what next?  Although bootcamp has come to an end Jane has launched a  Creativity Salon, once again providing a very welcome space for those who wanted to continue their creative journey surrounded by like-minded artists, writers and creative hearts.

I have mentioned before that since December last I have been extremely lucky where work is concerned. The downside of this is that I found it quite a challenge to juggle  the boootcamp, work commitments and life commitments. So I haven’t signed to the Salon just yet.

I also found that I was hyper aware of my Facebook notifications when I was taking part in the bootcamp. I loved seeing what was going on around the world as people logged in and left delicious pictures of their latest creative endeavour. The energy and positivity that flowed freely was quite a powerful and addictive force.

So, for now at least I am trying to take a little break from socail media. I am slowly beginning to aclimatise to the tidal wave of creativity that flowed freely through my Facebook timeline during October slowing to a trickle.

I have joined a Yoga class. I actually managed to enter the building this time and take part in the class. (During the summer my attempt at joining a yoga group resulted in me driving for a half hour, find a parking space and drive home again. Yes, I never got out of the car!)

It is extremely relaxing and calming and exactly what I need at the moment as it’s helping me with my work/life balance. I’m also slowly getting back into stoicism which kinda fell by the wayside for a few months. I loved the feeling of well-being that practising stoicism gave me and I’m working hard to reestablish that pattern in my everyday routines.

At the moment I’m bundled up in bed fighting off infection and listening to the wind and rain do battle outside my window. I hope you all have had a peaceful weekend with those who are dear to you.

True life is lived when tiny changes occur.

Leo Tolstoy

Slán agus beannacht,





    • Thank you! Stoicism And The Art of Happiness by Donald Robertson is the book I’m reading. I started of well but as I said fell by the wayside a little at the end of the summer. Lots of interesting stuff online too.


  1. Good on you for getting out of your car Karen. An for taking a break from the social media for a bit. I will be joining Jane’s Salon but haven’t done so quite yet either. And yes to the intimidating at first and then disarming second. Glad to have had the opportunity to connect with you.
    Hope to connect more.

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    • Thanks Shalagh,

      I’m delighted I finally got out of the car. Sometimes fear of the unknown can be quite paralysing yet once you make that move you are so pleased you did.

      The raw talent that was so obvious from the beginning of bootcamo was awe inspiring but I have to admit I did find it a little intimidating at first. Then I began to realise that the process of creating was so cathartic and I began to get a little more confident in my own skin.

      The energy and the positive vibe that radiated from the grup was magnificent and something quite unique.

      Delighted to have connected with you and I’m sure we’ll stay in touch into the furure.

      Karen x

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  2. marichitsg says

    Get well soon Karen! ^_^ This post captures so much of the elusive indescribable joys of being in bootcamp and the lessons we all learned for ourselves and our own creativity. You have no idea how thrilled I am to actually encounter people who still write and appreciate poetry — now I don’t feel too weird hahaha! See you around again soon. Enjoy the social media break — I do that from time to time too. The time and space away always give the perspective we need to see the big picture as well as the small. 🙂

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    • Thank you Marichit,
      It was an absolute pleasure getting to know you and seeing your fabulous pieces of art. You can never have enough beauty in your day. That has been one of the huge beneifits from bootcamp. Beauty filtering through causing ripples of creativity and gratitude on a daily basis. Long may it last.

      I have always loved plays yet found it difficult to read poetry so I’m delighted with this new found pleasure.

      It’s good to step back now and then, and reflect on the journey so far, as you say it puts things into perspective.

      Take care, chat soon.


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