End of Summer …..Again….

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School is back! It has to be my least favourite time of the year. Routine, structure, living life watching the clock………..the dreaded school lunches! Being torn between wanting to be the perfect parent sending your young off with a lunch box laden with healthy options or just giving in an handing them a jar of Nutella and a spoon (if the dentist or orthodontist is reading this I have no Nutella in the house……….ever!).

Today is not only back to school here at Crabtree Cottage, it is first day in secondary school for my youngest. He set of for school this morning looking cool, calm and collected. He walked up to the double doors without a backward glance while I sat in the car watching and remembering all the firsts we have been through together.

My hopes for him are no different than they have been on other big days in his life.

I hope that he remains a loyal and true friend, extending the hand of friendship to those who may find the next few days and weeks a bit of a struggle.

I hope he remembers that we are all different and that difference does not make someone less or more, the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same.

I hope he remembers that a smile and a simple hello can make a huge difference in someone’s day.

I hope that this new chapter doesn’t chip away his happy go lucky nature, education is important but it isn’t the be all and end all. School is not a competition. I hope he remembers that the only one he is working to impress is himself.

I hope he enjoys his time in secondary school and he finds what he is interested in so that he can plan the next step of his journey in a considered and informed way.

I hope he returns home later this afternoon full of chat and excited about all the new things he is about to experience.

I hope we as parents have given him the tools he needs to stroll through this new chapter relaxed and at ease.

I look at him and I can’t believe that the time has come for him to go to secondary school, I can still remember the day he was placed in my arms and thinking just how tiny he was. Now he is as tall as me!

My friend shared the following quote with me yesterday and I hope she doesn’t mind me using it here as it describes exactly how I feel when I look at my two at the kitchen table every morning;

‘you went to bed small and woke up kitchen table tall’ ~ Rita Ann Higgins.

I really hope I managed to do the following!

A wise woman once said to me that there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these she said is roots, the other, wings. ~ William Hodding Carter (1907-1972).



  1. ‘Hope’ is such a lovely word, and I love all your hopes for Jake as he navigates this next stage in his life. Hugs for you my friend as you let go a little bit more ❤️ Val x


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