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#100happydayschallenge #day4

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#100happydays / Simplicity

Day 4 of the #100happydayschallenge and as I stepped outside the back door this evening I was struck by the beauty of the skyline. The simplicity of the ordinary and mundane is underrated. I stood and marveled at the beauty that resides so close to me at all times and resolved to take notice of the ordinary and mundane more often. The best things in life are nearest: Breath in your nostrils, light in your […]

#100happydays #day2

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#100happydays / Books

I have taken to lists………….they are fantastic, and ensure all tasks get done. Well almost all tasks. As I sat with a cuppa this morning filling out my daily list of things to do I went in search of inspiration and came up with the following. It’s a Dalai Lama quote for today from the lovely little book called 365 Days of Wonder by the brilliant R.J. Palacio author of Wonder and  and The Julian Chapter […]

Here I go again……the #100happydays challenge #day1

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#100happydays / Books / Clean Sheets

Climbing between freshly laundered sheets after a busy, productive day I had that ‘ahhhh’ moment and reaching for my book I felt  a wave of happiness and contentment wash over me. It was at that moment that I decided to take the #100happyday challenge and reignite the pleasure that comes from taking the time to enjoy the little pleasures that fill my day. Although my  day was almost done  there was still part of it to […]

Still Happy

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#100happydays / Blog Awards Ireland 2014 / Hobbies / humorous / Kindness / Life / Life's small pleasures

Well it’s been awhile since the #100happydays challenge came to an end.  I am still very aware of the little things that infuse the most mundane and ordinary of days with happiness. I am more aware than ever before of the importance of reflecting and being grateful for them. Since finishing the challenge I have taken up running, well I have begun the the couch to 5k challenge and am delighted with my progress. I […]

A Room of One’s Own

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#100happydays / A Room of One's Own / Hobbies / Literature / thoughts / Virginia Woolf

I haven’t been writing lately. Between February and May my motivation for writing came from the #100happydays challenge. Since it ended I haven’t been as disciplined about sitting down regularly to lay down some words. Yet I have words in me that what to get out. During my time in college I had a little study built at the top of the stairs. It’s nestled under the eaves, cosy and snug during the winter months […]

Life after the #100happydays challenge

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#100happydays / Hobbies / Home / Life's small pleasures / Life, Love, Family / post #100happydays

Day 2 It’s day 2 of life after the #100happydays challenge and I have to say I feel a little bereft! I really enjoyed reflecting on the life of Karen on a daily basis and recognising those moments, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem, that put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. It’s early days but I’m still appreciating the little things and my life seems more […]

#100happydays Day 100

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#100happydays / Family / Life / Life's small pleasures / Love / nature

Day 100 Tuesday May 27th  I can’t believe it’s day 100 already! There have been plenty of ups and downs in the Shiels house over the past 100 days, broken bones, pulled ligaments, reaching 40 , celebrating with family and friends, health scares, strokes, herb growing, hat knitting, much laughter, a few tears but mostly everyday no matter what there was happiness to be found once it was anticipated and longed for. Today whilst out […]

#100happydays Day 98

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#100happydays / Life, Love, Family / lifestyle / Simplicity

Day 98 Sunday May 25th This made me very happy and very excited!! Since discovering Lucy’s M.I.L.K (  products over a year ago I have become a little addicted to her beautiful soaps and fragrant body scrub. Everyone in the house loves her gorgeous bath melts. Even my other half is a fan and uses M.I.L.K shaving balm most mornings. I love to have a few spare bars of soap in the house to give to […]

#100happydays Day 97

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#100happydays / Friendship / Life, Love, Family / memories / Thank you

Day 97  Saturday May 24th Tidying up around my room and my gaze fall on this beautiful heart, a present from a friend who has added so much to my life. When I think of her  a smile brightens  my face,  a sparkle lights up my eyes and a spring is added to my step.  I met this lovely lady while I was doing my under graduate degree and during the times I felt I really couldn’t go […]