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Epic Fail

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Back to school 2012 will be forever etched on my memory. Before I start my sorry tale I have to say, I am a good Mum. I am, really! I am patient, understanding and kind, ok I’m patient, understanding and kind most of the time. I cook lovely nutritious food for my off spring, I bake tasty goodies and when we’re out and about I keep them in my line of vision most of the time. […]

I hate football, really I do………..

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To say I’m not into sport is a huge understatement. While I always liked the uniform that went with the sport, it was the effort that had to be exerted, the sweat that was worked up and the fact that you could get hurt that didn’t appeal to me. My sister on the other hand was brilliant at whatever sport she turned her hand to, well almost all. She had a bit of an issue […]

Grass is Always Greener

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For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be petite with small feet and curly hair. A sallow complexion would be a plus but with two of the palest people in Ireland for parents that was a non runner. I didn’t get my wish. I’m almost six foot and have poker straight hair. My beautiful ten year old has straight hair much to her disgust. She’d do anything to get it to curl. […]