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#100happydayschallenge #day17 Coffee and Hot Chocolate to Go

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We have a lovely local organic shop and coffee shop. KinnEden Organics¬†is situated in Dromad and is the perfect place to head to for a coffee and a bite to eat. I was planning on collecting the youngest and heading to KinnEden for a coffee and a treat. We got held up and had to make do with coffee and hot chocolate to go……and a brownie! I have to say it was the nicest coffee […]

#100happydays Day 52 – 54

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¬†Day 52 April 10th I’ve had something on my mind over the last couple of weeks but I’ve been making sure that I am aware of the positives in my days and whilst I haven’t been blogging about each photo I’ve posted for the #100happydays challenge I am posting them daily to facebook. Day 52 was a picture of my youngest. He had asked if I would help him make some tasty treats to bring […]

Day 2 of #100happydays challenge

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Life, Love, Family

Day two of #100happydays started of on a good note. As I finished making pancakes for young sirs breakfast I was handed this delicious cup of coffee. My favorite way to start the day. My mother and father in law gave me a coffee machine for Christmas, well, when I say me, I do mean us! The thing is Darren rarely drinks coffee so I have claimed ownership of it. I haven’t had a cup […]