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#100happydays Day 12

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Busy day today. After leaving my children to school I headed to work armed with a loaded class plan and high hopes for a productive morning. After a hectic morning I met Darren and the kids and we headed to Sligo to have Hannah’s brace fitted. Hopefully it will put an end to schoolyard comments about her teeth! It’s a little painful at the moment but as the saying goes; no pain, no gain! We […]

I hate football, really I do………..

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To say I’m not into sport is a huge understatement. While I always liked the uniform that went with the sport, it was the effort that had to be exerted, the sweat that was worked up and the fact that you could get hurt that didn’t appeal to me. My sister on the other hand was brilliant at whatever sport she turned her hand to, well almost all. She had a bit of an issue […]