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#100happydays Day 19

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Day 19 of the #100happydays challenge. I’m really enjoying this little challenge. Finding something that makes me happy isn’t a problem but getting the time to take the photo and post it on facebook can pose a problem if I’m having a particularly busy day. I suppose that’s the point of the exercise, making the time. Since January I have tried to wear something green each day to signify new beginnings. I have a lovely […]


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Life, Love, Family

I have been overwhelmed by the amount of views and the number of shares that my last blog received. Over the years while chatting with friends the conversation often turned to childhood and we’d swop stories about growing up in Ireland in the 80s and 90s. My stories, just like everyone else’s, would get a laugh or two. Mammy Byrne would receive lots of sympathy for having to put up with me, and now and […]

Friend or Foe

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Has the arrival of Facebook, Twitter and the numerous other social media and networking sites impacted positively on our day to day living? This is something I ask myself regularly. Are we better people as a result of social media or has it just allowed us a wider platform to be the same. I will admit to be being a huge Facebook and Twitter fan. I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. I predominantly […]