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#100happydays Day 77

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Day 77 Sunday May 4th My gorgeous nieces and nephew gave me this lovely candle for my birthday at the end of March. My youngest has been asking me when I’m going to light it. He couldn’t understand my reluctance but once it’s lit there is no going back……….it can’t be unlit!!! He decided I was a hoarder, he had a point. Today I decided that like life is for living gifts are to be […]

#100happydays Day 34

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It’s Saturday, the start of the weekend reason enough to be happy! I do my weekly grocery shop on a Friday afternoon on my way home from work so that I don’t have to pound the aisles with the kids at the weekend. It was one thing policing what they threw into the trolley when they were toddlers but now they strategically place things were I won’t notice until they’ve been scanned. Or they work […]


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#100happydays. I spotted this challenge on my cousins Facebook page and was intrigued. Can you be happy for a 100 days in a row? This challenge asks you to document it by posting a photo of something that made you happy each day for a 100 days in a row. There is an assumption that┬áthe majority of those that take up this challenge fail to complete it┬ábecause our lives are busy and there is less […]