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Epic Fail

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Back to school 2012 will be forever etched on my memory. Before I start my sorry tale I have to say, I am a good Mum. I am, really! I am patient, understanding and kind, ok I’m patient, understanding and kind most of the time. I cook lovely nutritious food for my off spring, I bake tasty goodies and when we’re out and about I keep them in my line of vision most of the time. […]

Summer is at an end.

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Back to school tomorrow, end of the lazy days of summer. I’m not one of those mums who has been waiting for school to reopen since it closed in June. I love the freedom that the summer holidays bring. I also love the peace and tranquillity that is restored to my home for the too few summer months. I have two very different children. One who loves the hustle and bustle of being immersed in […]