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#100happydayschallenge #day19

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For as long as I can remember I have loved converse shoes. I remember seeing them in Arnotts department store way back in 1989/1990 and wanting a pair so badly. I asked my mum if I passed the Intermediate Certificate (a state exam here in Ireland that is now known as the Junior Cert) would she buy me a pair. I was over the moon when she agreed and spent the next few months deciding […]

Happy Third Birthday

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It’s three years today since I set up this blog. Three years! I can’t believe it’s been that long. Thought I’d share my very first blog post and say thanks to mammy Byrne. Sure without her I’d have no stories to tell and no blog to write :). And a huge thanks to all who visit the page, read, share and leave comments. Only Happy When Causing Trouble This was a line I heard very […]

#100happydays Day 11

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Life, Love, Family

Today I caught myself enjoying many moments. You may argue that most of these moments are mundane and run of the mill, however, since deciding to take part in this challenge I have noticed that for me the most enjoyable moments are those that are steeped in the ordinariness of everyday life. This morning I savoured the aromas of the herbs and spices that simmered away on the cooker while I whipped up a batch […]

Love, Loss, Moving on

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Life, Love, Family

Yesterday evening I had the rare pleasure of having the house to myself. I pulled the blinds, locked the door and pulled up a chair in front of the blazing fire. With sole charge of the remote control I set back, put my feet up and started to check what was on the tellybox. Looking through the listings I saw that ‘Stepmom’ starring Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon was on. My finger hovered on the […]

I just called………….

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Life, Love, Family

Twenty eight years ago today my Dad slipped away peacefully into the night. I remember thinking that my broken heart would never mend and that our little family would never be the same again. I have learnt that hearts and minds are quite resilient and families are capable of adapting to cope with all that life throws at them. As time marches on and broken hearts are patched back together treasured memories of days long […]

Is that you Mary?

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I recently got my hair cut short.  I’ve had a bob for as long as my two children can remember. One day I woke and just wanted a change. I warned the family that I was getting it all chopped off. Reactions varied from, ‘that’s grand’ to ‘what? no why!’ When I arrived home the reaction was fantastic. Everyone loved mum’s new hair. There was lots of uh’s and ah’s and as I stood there […]

I hate football, really I do………..

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To say I’m not into sport is a huge understatement. While I always liked the uniform that went with the sport, it was the effort that had to be exerted, the sweat that was worked up and the fact that you could get hurt that didn’t appeal to me. My sister on the other hand was brilliant at whatever sport she turned her hand to, well almost all. She had a bit of an issue […]

To Mammy Byrne

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Life is strange and we never ever know what joys or sorrows tomorrow may bring. The 14th of June 1969 saw Mary Ryan and Brian Byrne become husband and wife. They set forth full of hope and optimism for a bright future full of joy and laughter secure in the knowledge that once they had each other they could face any difficulty that came their way. By 1974 two extremely cute little girls had arrived […]

April is Here Again

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April is here again. Nothing special about that I suppose. April comes and April goes just like every month in the year. Certain months of the year evoke particular memories, people and special occasions and times past spring to mind with the passing of the year. It was in December that I became an aunt for the very first time. It is also in December that my husband and my youngest niece celebrate their birthdays. […]