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Sea Breezes

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There is nothing quite like the draw of the sea. Every month I travel to Sligo to bring one or other or both of my kids to the orthdondist. I love the drive. Once we pass the turn off for Boyle the scenery becomes more and more majestic ¬†and my shoulders relax and as I watch the fields unfold and the mountains grow bigger any tension I hold starts to seep away. I try if […]

Creativity, it’s Cathartic

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I’ve been immersing myself in creativity and self-expression. Sounds like I have notions doesn’t it? I’m sure I do, lots of them and sure why shouldn’t I? My second week of creativity bootcamp is coming to an end and what have I got to show for it? Has the house descended into chaos and are the children and Darren starving for want of a good dinner and a bit of attention? Not at all! If […]

Stone Walls, Sea Breezes and an Old Mill

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Life, Love, Family

I think it was during the Easter holidays that I decided we needed a break away from home this summer. I turned the laptop on and searched the net for somewhere that would appeal to all. Not an easy task considering we have two children who have very different interests. Our eldest is a book worm, a budding artist, a writer of sorts and an internet addict. The youngest loves the great outdoors and has […]

The surprises a new day can bring.

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Life is full of surprises. Some good and some not so good but it is in dealing with the unexpected that we learn about ourselves and about others. This ¬†August has been full of surprises for me and my family and we’re only nine days. My laptop has been destroyed and no longer works properly. It had a pint of beer spilled all over it, by accident of course. It could have been worse, I […]