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Goodbye 2013…Hello 2014

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Life, Love, Family

2014 has begun and I’m hoping that it is going to be filled with love, laughter and happiness. I can honestly say that I am delighted to see the back of 2013. It was a long and challenging year on all fronts and as it wound down I could feel it weigh heavy on my shoulders. Between saying farewell to a fond friend emigrating to pastures new, finishing my thesis, the complexities and challenges that […]

The surprises a new day can bring.

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Life is full of surprises. Some good and some not so good but it is in dealing with the unexpected that we learn about ourselves and about others. This  August has been full of surprises for me and my family and we’re only nine days. My laptop has been destroyed and no longer works properly. It had a pint of beer spilled all over it, by accident of course. It could have been worse, I […]