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The transition from lazy, relaxed holiday season to busy, hectic come on I’m going now whether you are in the car or not school season has gone surprisingly smoothly here at Crabtree Cottage. The teen has settled back into the early mornings and organising her time so homework is done while vlog watching and music listening can’t be compromised because we all know how detrimental to future life those things are. The nearly teen is […]

#100happydays Day 11

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Today I caught myself enjoying many moments. You may argue that most of these moments are mundane and run of the mill, however, since deciding to take part in this challenge I have noticed that for me the most enjoyable moments are those that are steeped in the ordinariness of everyday life. This morning I savoured the aromas of the herbs and spices that simmered away on the cooker while I whipped up a batch […]