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#100happydays Day 15

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Life, Love, Family

Another busy day today. It’s birthday season  here at the moment. Mammy Byrne’s birthday is tomorrow, my sister’s birthday is on the 14th and I have a big birthday coming up the end of March. After dropping Darren and the kids to work and school I headed card shopping, and collected the present I’d ordered  and headed home to bake  a cake. As I began to get dinner started my mobile rang and I could […]

Day 3 #100happydays challenge

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Life, Love, Family

Yesterday was day three of my #100happydays challenge.This is the image that made me happy: Yesterday I returned to work after being off/unemployed since December 13th. I can honestly say the feeling of dread that hung over me since receiving the phone call last week was like a dark heavy cloud of gloom. Don’t get me wrong, I realise that in these recessionary times I am very lucky to have a job. I appreciate the […]